We're Flagship. We build homes, let, improve and maintain them for people in need. We don’t simply want to make a difference to our customers and their communities – we want to solve the housing crisis too. To help us, we build homes for sale, reinvesting any profit we make where it’s needed most - we call it profit for purpose.

We give our people the freedom to try new things and do whatever they need, to solve problems in doing what’s right for our customers.

There is a housing crisis in the East of England. By spending money wisely, improving relentlessly and working together in partnership with other businesses, housing associations and local authorities, we can meet our ambitious goal. As Flagship, we can make a difference, but together we can solve the housing crisis in the East of England.

Our finances

Our strong financial performance is reflected by our Moody’s credit rating of A2 and our financial viability rating of V1, given by the Regulator of Social Housing.

This allows us to achieve our purpose and goals set out in our strategy and reinvest back into the business to deliver value for our customers.