12 March 2020

Flagship support local charity to help those affected by abuse

We know that abuse doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect everyone. As the largest housing provider in the east, with 32,000 homes and over 1,200 employees, we also know that at some point we will be working with people, both directly and indirectly that have been affected by sexual abuse.

Homelessness tends to occur when a major event happens in someone’s life, such as abuse, a relationship break up, or a death in the family. By supporting Fresh Start New Beginnings, not only can we help those affected by abuse, but we can also work towards tackling homelessness at one of its root causes.

The charity, Fresh Start New Beginnings works throughout Suffolk and Norfolk, and was set up to provide therapeutic service for children and young people up to 18 years, who have been subject to abuse and to offer support for their families.

On Friday, eight of members of staff from Flagship Group went to the Norfolk Showground to volunteer their time to support their afternoon tea event to raise money and awareness for such an important cause. They heard from four inspiring speakers who spoke openly about their personal experience of sexual abuse and the impact this has had on them. The day also included some shopping, with a variety of local stalls offering a selection of beauty products, gifts and wellbeing opportunities.

Marie-Claire Delbrouque Managing Director for Suffolk Housing said: We’re delighted to support Fresh Start New Beginnings and raise awareness for the great work they do. By supporting these events, we are helping those that have been subject to abuse – which is over 8,000 in Norfolk alone. We know from our research that families in crisis are more likely to experience homelessness, and we want to do all we can to tackle the root causes.

We would like to thank all those who donated their time, tea towels, vintage crockery and teaspoons - your support is very much appreciated.

To find out more about Fresh Start New Beginning you can visit their site here

For more information please contact our Communications Team - commsteam@flagship-group.co.uk