26 May 2020

Flagship Group launch kindness campaign for Mental Health Awareness Week

As the largest provider of homes in the East of England, Flagship Group wants to help communities to deal with the most challenging crisis that many of us have had to, and continue to, face. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our mental health and the psychological and social impacts are likely to continue beyond the physical symptoms of the virus.

During Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) the nation has focused on the power and potential of kindness and its positive impact on mental wellbeing, especially during this unprecedented time.

Last week, the Group launched its #KindCommunities social media campaign, to help ensure communities emerge stronger than before. The campaign aims to raise awareness of important issues happening in communities everyday – such as loneliness, domestic abuse and safeguarding.

“We have an opportunity to re-think about the kind of community we want to emerge from this crisis. It is more important than ever to look out for our neighbours and act with kindness to support rebuilding society in a more positive way” – Victoria Seales, Safeguarding Officer at Flagship Group.

Throughout the pandemic, the Group’s focus has been to support the most vulnerable and ensure the safety and wellbeing of its customers and staff. Frontline staff have made thousands of welfare calls, delivered food to local communities and have used the Group’s ‘kindness fund’ for random acts of kindness.

Staff have also taken proactive steps to safeguard the most vulnerable customers and residents, including those living with domestic abuse; Flagship has worked in partnership to assist with moves and access refuge places.

For staff, who have stepped up in incredibly challenging circumstances, Flagship have hosted daily wellbeing sessions during MHAW to help with their mental health.

“During this time, we’ve had to find new ways to virtually connect employees and make sure they’re ok and dealing the Coronavirus outbreak. Last week our Mental Health First Aiders have hosted their first online Wellbeing Café, and we’ve held sessions on mindfulness, stress and healthy eating.

Our staff’s mental health is so important – it helps them to stay well and safe to care for others around us” – Zak Collen, Wellbeing Coordinator.