At Flagship our ethical approach allows us to make a real difference to others. We work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our strategy enables us to deliver better services and cost savings that will benefit our customers, our staff and the wider community.

Our approach is directed by our purpose: ‘Providing homes for people in need’ and is captured in our four CSR values:

Social value   |   Environmental value   |   Marketplace value   |   Workplace value

We always look to enhance the wellbeing within our communities, we do this by:

Working in partnership with other local organisations and charities to deliver community projects.

Promoting staff engagement in the local community by creating opportunities our staff can volunteer for.

Fundraising for local and international charities throughout the year.

Engaging with customers through an interactive platform.

We’re working hard to make a positive impact on the
environment by:

Reducing the amount of operating waste to landfill.

Improving our energy use and the sustainability of our properties.

Reducing our water and paper usage.

Reducing emissions from our travel.

We ensure wellbeing outcomes are delivered throughout our supply chains by:

Ensuring integrity through our supply chain.

Engaging with suppliers to ensure we minimise legal and business risk increasing social value for our customers.

Treating stakeholders and suppliers fairly and with respect.

Supporting start-ups that will benefit our customers.

Within our workplaces we are enhancing the wellbeing of our staff by:

Investing in and valuing our staff.

Creating opportunities to develop current and future staff through leadership training.

Strengthening our approach to health and safety.

Giving local people skills and jobs through our apprentices and Bright Futures schemes.  

Read more about our commitment to CSR in our formal statement here